About Charlene’s Work

The Twelve Gifts of Birth is the foundation in a collection of books about The Twelve Gifts. In the form of a simple fairy tale, it contains a life-affirming message for children of all ages, reminding us that we are all valuable.

Determined to have the inspirational message reach a larger audience than her own two daughters for whom she first wrote the story, and undaunted by numerous rejections from publishers and agents, Charlene published that first book independently. She then launched a one-year motor home tour throughout America and read the book in schools, shelters, hospitals, and prisons. Strong sales of over 250,000 led to a book auction and the sale of rights to HarperCollins in 2000.

While facing cancer in 2001, Charlene wrote The Twelve Gifts for Healing. Her Twelve Gifts series then grew to include The Twelve Gifts in Marriage and The Thirteenth Gift, a novella that encourages readers to renew child-like wonderment about the world. She also published a children’s book, A Perfect Name.

The fifth book in The Twelve Gifts series is Touchstones: Stories for Living The Twelve Gifts, which is a collection of true stories that demonstrates how ordinary days are enriched when we use our inner strengths and talents.

 More books about The Twelve Gifts have been inspired and are underway. Each offers more ways to build inner strength and self worth.